Customer Login

This service is intended to give you the most expeditious process for requesting a witness closing specialist to procure the signing of your loan documents with your borrower.  This internet application will provide you with a way for notifying us of impending closings and for verifying those closings that may have already been completed.

Our on-line features include the following:

  1. Order Witness Closing Assistance
  2. Check the status of impending closings
  3. Obtain daily/weekly/monthly  reconciliation for those witness closings that we have performed for you.
  4. Obtain Tracking Information

To access our internet application and other extensive features offered to our existing customers, you must first login to the system.  If you are not a registered user or require help, please either contact us via email or by telephone at 407-971-4100 or fill out the online form here.

For assistance please don't hesitate to contact our Closing and Funding Departments directly at 407-977-7200.